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 SGI NARS is most significant & featured producer of Martial Arts, Boxing Equipments, Sports & Casual Wear Our work strategy is self-exploratory of our company. Siddiqui Group situated in the well-known area of SiaIkot-Pakistan that is the best location according to working environment.Management Personals Total of 15 persons in management staff members are the top intellect and committed to their jobs as to family chain work. They are all adopting modernize techniques for day-to-day business flourish & to chase clients extra fulfillment.Main Hub of Exporting The main hub export is European market; we are commonly dealing with European companies form last two decades, they are really quality
conscious and its our honor to serve them with agreed quality products.Skilled Labour We hired a very skilled line of workers, those exactly aware the latest technology variables and doing theirjobs bearing in mind top rated customary levels. It allow them to take up the right spot for needed workout. We incessantly educate them & illustrate by physical snaps verbal theory to realize new era tools.Main Work Unit & Available Machineries
In Stitching section: we are running two work units; there we have latest range of sewing machines, embroidery machine, over locking and heat
press machines.Our main vision to develop strong business relations with estimated companies and would like to maintain relation as family chain work.We committed to serve best of our services existing and up-coming customers. We are providing what customer wants. Should you required more information for any of our product or company related history, please get in touch by e-mail, fax or tele-talk

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